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Backyard  gazebo

The Interesting History of the Backyard Gazebo!

Did you know that gazebos have been around for more than 5,000 years?

Gazebos have a long and rich history and they remain extremely popular for today’s homeowner. Backyard gazebos can serve a functional purpose, while still decorating and beautifying the yard.

Around 1752, the word "Gazebo" first appeared in England and is thought to be a combination of the English word gaze with the Latin suffix "ebo", which means "I shall". Combining the meanings gazebo literally means "I shall gaze".

The Very First Gazebos
Even though the word didn’t appear until the 1700’s there are examples of gazebo structures dating back to the Egyptians 5,000 years ago. Some historians speculate that these earliest examples were actually small temples for communicating with the gods.

Ancient Rome and Pompeii also have early examples of gazebos, typically built out of marble. These gazebos were usually found in the summer homes of the aristocrats and were also found in public places.

The Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, one of the first backyard gazebo examples is the four gazebos built at the Louvre in France. The French style became extremely popular and the English adapted this style in their 15th century Elizabethan gardens.

Japan and China had a long history of quaint pavilions (teahouses) and in the 1700s, Chinese style gazebos became all the rage in England and other areas of Europe. It was during this century that the word gazebo entered the English vocabulary.

Early American Gazebos
In the United States, examples of gazebos are not found until the mid-1800s. They remained popular until around the turn of the century when porches attached to the house because the preferred style. However, the backyard gazebo made a resurgence around 1930, where they became a status symbol amongst the wealthy. They fell out of favor again in the 40s, really became popular in the 1980s, and have remained popular ever since.

Gazebos of Today
Just take a look at the selection of backyard gazebos available on the Internet and you will quickly become convinced why they continue to be a popular choice for both home and commercial property owners. Gazebos offer a wonderful space to retreat to for relaxing or entertaining with family and friends. Today’s gazebos come in a wide range of sizes, materials, designs and options.

For over twenty years, homeowners have been turning to Leisure Woods for their backyard gazebo needs. Leisure Woods is a family owned business whose main focus is the manufacture of cedar and PVC gazebo kits. With a wide range of designs, sizes and options, Leisure Woods has everything the ‘do it yourself’ homeowner needs to beautify their home with a backyard gazebo. To make your backyard into your own personal haven, turn to the Leisure Woods, the backyard gazebo experts

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