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Vinyl Garden gazebo

Planning Your Garden Gazebo

If you love spending time in your yard, then you may be considering adding a garden gazebo to your landscape design. Enhancing your yard and garden with a gazebo is an excellent way to improve your yard’s functionality and it gives you a lovely place to entertain friends and family.

It is important to plan your garden gazebo design to ensure it complements your home and existing landscape design. This article will give you several tips to help you make your backyard into beautiful space to relax, read a book, and entertain – anything your heart desires!

  • Consider which gazebo style will suit your home. It is important to choose an outdoor gazebo design that harmonizes with your home’s design. For example, if you have a very modern home, it wouldn’t make sense to choose a gazebo with a more Victorian style.

  • Determine the main purpose of your gazebo. When planning your gazebo, think about how you and your family will use the structure. For example, many people simply want their gazebo as a place to sit and relax; some want the gazebo as a beautiful centerpiece for their specialty garden, while others may use it to shelter a hot tub. Knowing how you will use the gazebo will help you determine the size, shape and materials that best suit your needs.

  • If possible, build your garden around your gazebo, instead of adding one to your existing garden. To completely harmonize your gazebo with your landscaping, your best alternative is to create your garden around the gazebo instead of adding the gazebo after the fact. If you are able to go this route, you can choose plants and flowers with varying colors and heights that will give your new gazebo a natural look.

  • Consider the seasonal aspects of the spot you have chosen. You need to think about the seasonal advantages and disadvantages to the area you have chosen. You need to consider the amount of wind, sun, rain and snow your yard gets as these conditions will factor into what gazebo material will work best for you.

  • Choose your gazebo materials carefully. It is important to give serious thought as to which material you prefer for your garden gazebo. Your two main choices are wood and vinyl. Wood gazebos are popular because they use natural materials that suit most landscape designs. Cedar wood is your top choice for a wood garden gazebo because it is sturdy and hardwearing. Vinyl (PVC) is quickly becoming a favorite because of the maintenance free aspect. Vinyl gazebos are not affected by mildew and they do not need painting giving the owner years of maintenance free use.

A garden gazebo is a lovely way to expand your living space and even increase the value of your home. If you are looking for the top do-it-yourself cedar and vinyl gazebo kits on the market, then be sure to see the wonderful selection available from Leisure Woods, a premier manufacturer of garden gazebo kits. Enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard by ordering your garden gazebo from Leisure Woods today!

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