Quality Gazebo products including Cedar Gazebo, Screened Gazebo, Gazebo KitsQuality Gazebo products including Cedar Gazebo, Screened Gazebo, Gazebo KitsQuality Gazebo products including Cedar Gazebo, Screened Gazebo, Gazebo Kits

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FAQ: What is the difference between the Cedar Cove and the Lake Wood Gazebo?

We use clear western red cedar on both gazebos, but we use different types of material. For instance, the Lake Wood uses 2"x6" wall construction whereas the Cedar Cove uses a 4"x4" post. There is a lot more material cost that goes into the design of a Lake Wood Gazebo compared to the design of a Cedar Cove Gazebo. The interior roof of the Cedar Cove gazebo is slightly knotty, while the Lake Wood roof interior is clear. Both series are structurally sound and will keep the bugs away; the Lake Wood series is more design orientated while the Cedar Cove series is more for the economical minded.

FAQ: Is the Window/Screen Combo available with other gazebo styles?

No, the window screen combo is only available with the Heritage style(Lake Wood Gazebo) or the Woodbridge style(Cedar Cove).

FAQ: Do the gazebos need to treated or sealed?

Yes! We highly recommend that the gazebo be sealed with some kind of sealer. It is best to check with a quality paint store in your area for their suggestion of what product works best for your region.

FAQ: Are the screens removable?

Yes! The screens are removable for both the Cedar Cove and Lake Wood Gazebos. In fact, we recommend that they be removed in the winter if you have sufficient space to store them.

FAQ: What are the floor and foundation requirements?

All Leisure Woods gazebos are designed to attach on top of some kind of floor. It can be an existing deck, or a wood floor built especially for the gazebo, a concrete slab or paving bricks.

We provide the floor and foundation specifications, depending on what type of gazebo floor you choose. Post holes are necessary for a wood floor and paving bricks. You will need to check with your local building codes for the foundation requirements.

FAQ: Do you need a building permit?

We highly recommend that you check with your local building department for their building codes. Every building department has different requirements and some require a permit and some may not. We provide standard building permit specifications necessary for you to obtain a building permit at no extra charge. In some instances, local building departments may require architectural stamps, or additional upgrades and these services are available. (an extra fee may be charged for architectural stamp)

FAQ: Can I put the gazebo up myself?

Yes, depending on the size of the gazebo and your carpentry skills. Most of the gazebos can go up with one person, but you will need help with the roof sections. All the wall sections are preassembled and the roof panels are preassembled and shingled. Everything else is pre-cut. So if you have some basic carpentry skills... meaning you can handle a hammer and use a screwgun, you'll have little trouble with assembling your gazebo.

FAQ: I want the shingles to match the asphalt shingles on my house, is this possible?

Yes, but we do not manufacture roof panels with the asphalt shingles on them. The roof panels would still be preassembled, but the asphalt shingles would be the customers responsibility and installed at the job site. We do have other roof options available, so please check out the Roof Options section.

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